The Salford Lads

Stop me if you think you've heard this one before...
Out of the ashes of the Smiths, a band that loomed larger than its generation, bigger than the queen and louder than bombs, are born The Salford Lads, the premier Smiths/Morrissey tribute band in the United States. Together since the winter of 1998, The Salford Lads have attained notoriety for their stunning, controversial, and original live shows, which have continually left their audiences awestruck, refusing to leave until the last note has been squeezed out.

This night has opened my eyes...
When the Smiths disbanded in 1987, never could they have imagined the outcry that was to soon follow. With Morrissey's cult like status growing as fast as the quiff atop his head, the cries of a reformation of the Smiths could be heard from every sensible child's voice from Manchester to the Manhattan. The public asked, no, the public demanded to hear these songs played live, and thus The Salford Lads felt it was up to them to give the public what they were wishing for.

Don't forget the songs that saved your life...
Playing sets that have spanned the entire length of the Smiths catalog, as well as Morrissey's solo career, The Salford Lads have not fallen short of their promise. Each show more spectacular than the next, the band conveys the emotion, the power, the sensitivity that you, as a music lover, feel each time you listen to the Smiths as you dance around your room, pining for love lost. Making their public debut in May of 1999, the Salford Lads have been gaining a larger following with each show. Playing shows along the east coast of the United States, the Lads successfully returned to perform in front of their home crowd in New York City. With over 300 fans in attendance, it proved to be a culmination of their dedicated efforts as audience members could be spotted staring happily into the eyes of the 5 members before them, as if the quintet from Manchester had been reborn.

The Salford Lads are:

Jesse Immler  vocals
Justin Parsons  guitars
John Kapp  guitars
Ezra Martin  bass guitar
Michael Engel  drums

the east coast's only Smiths tribute band